Brand Audits

Is your Brand be falling short in attracting doors and volunteers?

Let us help you identify areas that can be more effective.

The Polyphony Brand Audit takes a positive approach – We listen. We read. We look at a ton of information, and we identify the areas that are working well for you, as well as uncover those areas of greatest need.

You may need some significant work. Or maybe, you need just a small change…different rhythms or fine tuning…to make a big difference.

Brand Positioning

What is it that you do that no one else does, and why does it matter?

Remind yourselves why you do what you do and why it matters. Our series of interactive, collaborative exercises will invigorate your team to better share that mission with the world. We show you the alignment between your Brand and fundraising with a focus on your audience. Together we create a solid statement of Brand positioning that becomes the basis for your outreach.

Brand Message

Are you communicating the unique value you bring to each community you serve?

Non-profit organizations face unique messaging challenges. Your staff and volunteers are dedicated to your vision but don’t always sing off the same score. The harmony of your message is critical to your internal communications, and to amplifying the work you do so that supporters can hear you clearly and respond to your call.

Using your Brand positioning, we help you craft messages that resonate with all of your constituents–internal and external.

Brand Image

Are you bringing your story to life visually and cohesively?

We look at the visual elements of your Brand. Are they attracting the right response? Telling the right story? If you lay all of your materials out on the floor, do they look like they come from the same place? We can create a visual Brand for you that echos through all of your materials, with a set of tools that everyone in your organization can use.

Strategic Marketing Plans

Does your strategic plan maximize your Brand impact based on your objectives?

Are you creating marketing pieces based on what you have always done, or looking at the changes in the marketplace and your constituents as you evaluate your outreach? It’s not just about new media. Different communications work for different people. It’s about how your constituents behave. We help you put together a plan that maximizes your budget and your resources to reach them most effectively.

Outreach Communications

Have you created a strategically grounded set of materials based on the plan, for:

  • Fundraising communications?
  • Events? Event branding?
  • PR?
  • Social media?

The rubber meets the road when you roll out your marketing pieces. Are they working together, taking advantage of online and offline opportunities? Are your events and follow up yielding new donors and volunteers? Are you using press and social media integration opportunistically?

We understand that non-profits are often resource-strapped. We can help you create a full set of integrated materials by guiding your staff, or working as a virtual marketing team, to make the most of your outreach.

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