Are you getting the financial support you need to do the wonderful work you do?

Brand plays a significant part in the decisions we make every day about the products and services we purchase. The same is true about the money we donate and the places we volunteer. The organizations that look like they are worth the money, get the money.

At Polyphony Branding we are committed to invigorating our Nonprofit and Social Justice clients to create a Brand that communicates the importance of what you do, and attracts the support you need to make the greatest impact.

We understand the challenges you face, competition for donations, shrinking budgets, growth and change, often in an under-resourced environment. We work with you to build on what’s working for you now to create a strong brand presence that sustains and supports your organization.

Our specialties include:

• Auditing your Brand to uncover the areas where you need the most help.

• Designing fully integrated branding programs with strategic Brand positioning, logos and visual branding systems, clear brand messaging platforms.

• Aligning your Brand with fundraising communications programs across the most effective media to reach donors and volunteers.

Please contact Ellen Rudy at [email protected] or 408-352-5485 for more on how we can help your cause or organization.

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